When eager, hard-working employees meet open-minded businesses, great things happen.

When companies and organizations partner with My Journey Home, everyone wins. Companies gain reliable, hard-working employees, and ex-offenders get an opportunity to regain their dignity and rebuild their lives as productive members of the community.

Released prisoners who can’t find or aren’t allowed to work contribute to a costly, negative social and economic cycle of recidivism and crime, all at the expense of taxpayers and communities.

The fact is, employment is one of the best tools we have to address the growing problem of recidivism. Those who pay their debt to society and emerge from prison with a new perspective and lease on life deserve an opportunity to earn a living. They represent a class of prospective employees unlike any other.

There are many reasons that a business may find it beneficial to partner with MJH and hire former felons:

  1. Hiring incentives — See our pages on Work Opportunity Tax Credit and Federal Bonding Program to see the ways that hiring ex-felons can benefit a company’s bottom line and reduce employment risk.
  2. Employee reliability — Ex-felons work hard. They have far fewer options than conventional employees, so they work harder to earn and keep jobs, leading to much less turnover. Researchers at Harvard University and the University of Massachusetts Amherst found that felons in a military setting often perform at a higher rate than non-felons.
  3. Hiring opportunity — Ex-offenders on probation often have to maintain employment and be drug-tested as a condition of release. These checks against poor performance come at no expense to employers. The supervision by a probation officer de-risks the employment opportunity and is an added value at no cost to the employer.
  4. Economic benefit to community —The average cost per state to house one inmate is $31,286 per year. But if that one felon gets a job instead of returning to prison, he or she now contributes to the economy by more than $10,000 a year

My Journey Home employer partners include:
MRD Global Foundation — assisting veterans leaving our penal system
Western Apprenticeship Coordinators Association