​I will begin by introducing myself. I am Elaine Voigt, Founder and Executive Director of My
Journey Home, Inc. I began “Friends and Family of Prison Inmates” (FAFPI) on March 7, 2002.
The goal for this group was to provide understanding to those who have been left behind when a
loved one goes to prison. I know from first hand experience what judgments are carried over to
the families and the shame, frustration, anger and sense of abandonment the families are trying to
work through. After a few meetings, we realized that those leaving the prison system were
experiencing the same feelings but from a different perspective.

The Transitional Re-Integration
Program was born which is facilitated by an ex-offender that has already worked through those
issues with the assistance of other long standing successful persons. It is important that all those
involved are able to address and work through the events for a successful re-entry for the entire
family. Our mission is to empower the ex-offender and veterans through programs to integrate
safely with family and community.

We accomplish that with assisting the family through FAFPI, TRIP and we’ve included the
children in Children of Prison Inmates (COPI). One way to re-integrate into the community is to
give back. We do that through the “Forum”. It is not a “scared straight” program but a reality
check for the “at risk” kids in our community. We have spoken to the boys at Rite of Passage,
the youth program at “The Children’s Cabinet”, juvenile detention centers, juvenile probation
and the Washoe Co School District.

The Lifer’s Club” or TLC is a mentoring program. Those that have done more than 10 years
in a prison are introduced to a TRIP program graduates and volunteer their time to help those just
released begin their re-entry process.

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